• Dr. Alexander Rubel (Institute of Archaeology, Iasi), who published especially on Romanization in today Romania (see Rubel 2008, 2009b, 2011a and b) and is part of an excavation team in the Roman settlement Ibida/Slava Rusa (which belonged to Moesia Inferior);
  • Dr. Federico Santangelo (Newcastle University) – Ancient History. Dr. Santangelo is dealing mainly with the complex field of the Romanization of Italy and worked also on Roman Greece;
  • Dr. Felix Teichner (University of Heidelberg) – Archaeology. Dr. Teichner published important work on Roman Spain and tracked the question of Romanization and Celtic resistance. He also published an important monograph on a German settlement in Thüringen (Roman imports in the Barbaricum etc.) and is now implicated in a large DFG-Project in upper Pannonia (and a DAI Project in Moesia, focusing on an ancient Mining district at the cultural boarder between Latin west and Greek east – see Teichner/Dragan, forthcoming), covering thus a large area which is relevant for our project;
  •  Iulia Dumitrache (PhD 2011 in Roman economy, Garum and spice-trade in the Black Sea area);
  •  Florian Matei-Popescu (PhD 2007 and several studies concerning the Roman armies in Dacia and Moesia);
  •  Lucian Munteanu (PhD 2011 about coins in Roman Dacia);
  • Roxana-Gabriela Curca (PhD 2010 on multilingualism in Moesia).

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